Saturday, April 2, 2011

An update!

So remember when I said I was going to be in the Little Orphan Annie Jr. well this weekend its playing at our community theater, it is really really small. Thats why I haven't had time to post anything so again I give my apologies. The play has been a success so far and thats probably because of me, I'm Molly one of the main orphans, just kidding everyone plays a part in it especially Annie. You would know that if you've ever been in a production. So as you can tell I haven't even had a moment to sit down and type so I definitely haven't had time to cook a single thing, this is just an update of what I've been doing. Today I had a soccer game about 20 minutes away from where I live, we didn't win we were like 2 points off but my excuse is that was my first soccer game in my life. I mean I've watched my cousin before but man was it ruff. You have to run so much. Yeah so for the food I've been eating, well its been horrible usually I like fast food but to much it literally makes you sick, I got so tired of it.